This Event is Cancelled (the sixth one)

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This Event is Cancelled (No. 6)
“There Oughta be a Law… oh, snap! There’s a Law for That!”
Wednesday, July 24 through Sunday, July 28
Higginbotham Quarry, Eskridge, KS

There are thousands of laws that govern us. The law of gravity keeps us grounded, while the Principles of Burning Man allow us to soar! What is the deciding point between what society deems shouldn’t be violated? Why do we need laws to protect against discrimination from one another? Are laws more than guidelines? Why do we enforce some laws more than others?  Sometimes we think, there oughta be a law! But then you find it’s illegal to drink wine from a teacup, and you’re like, “Oh, snap! There IS a law for that!”

This Event is in pre-planning. Come help! It’s all of our fun! Don’t let these bastards hog it all!

T.E.I.C. 2019 Leadership Team

Sheriff E.C. – Chuck                                                  Deputy E.C. – Piper

Gate- Brandon                                                          

Volunteer Coordinator – Gary

Placement Lead – Piper                                        

Lamp Lead – Julio                                                      Lamp Co-Lead – Brandon

Medic/Sanctuary Lead – David                            

F.A.S.T. Lead – Sharky                                              FAST Co-Lead – Megaphone

Pre-Burn Lead – Sharon

Earth Guardian Lead – Eric                                    Co-EG Lead – Amy

Temple – Nina                                                           Co-Temple Lead – Zack

Infrastructure/Groundskeeper* – Johnny   Infrastructure/Groundskeeper Co-Lead – Cole

Effigy* – Cole                                                            Effigy Co-Lead – Johnny

T.E.I.C. Timeline

03/23 – Budget Due
– Kick-off / Tickets go on Sale / Art Grants Open
05/05 – Art Grants Close at midnight
06/01 – Art Raffle
07/06 – Final Budget Due
07/13 – Ticket Sales End
07/20 – Ticket Transfers End
07/24 – Noon – This Event is Cancelled
07/28 – Noon – Now go home!
08/03 – LNT is completed
08/28 – AfterBurn Report

Name of the Burn: This Event is Cancelled (the sixth one) – There’s a Law for That!

Beginning / Ending Dates of the Burn: Wed. July 24 – Sun. July 28. We got tired of fighting with people about “early entry,” so we just opened it up to whoever showed and put them to work instead of dealing with not having gate open and trying to keep track of folks on an early entry list that.

Location of the Burn: The Burn was again held at the Fabulous Higginbotham Rock Ledge Quarry skirting the Flint Hills just outside of Eskridge, Kansas.

Number of participants: We sold 107 tickets, and don’t track minors, although I think there were three on site. I mean, GATE tracks minors, but that paperwork is in another box.

General Summary description of the event:  See above for the snazzyness. Otherwise, read on.

We were strapped for cash, but managed to pull off the event with less than $1,000 and made a $500 profit this year. See the financials below.

Pan D’Monium was Lead this year, with DJ as his second doing also Placement; and I backed them up also doing site/property and FAST leads. Gearbear helped me doing the pre-burn check and coordination of the Conclave. Rock on, GB! Cole and Johnny built all the things. Again! Brandon took care of Gate and Dave Bronson was lead medic again this year up with him. Gary Bingham helped a lot with gate things as well as being volunteer coordinator. Julio headed up the Lamp Lighters, and that is becoming more popular with folks. Rock-on DJ for getting LampLighers started that last year! Eric was lead for the Storm-moopers, and Nina and Zach built the Temple this year.

All leads were again responsible for Rangering, and were instructed to take the Rangering 101 course offered by Love Burn’s rangers on Udemy Website.  101/learn/lecture/12605468#overview. All leads were also asked to work as Rangers during the Burn. Thank you Love Burn!

Sharky prepared a contingent guide, Safety Third (Hazards Review) Guide, and revised the FAST manual we worked up from his being on multiple MWB FAST teams in the past year. These were introduced to the leads this year.

Departmental Summary of Operations: Most notable upgrades this year included cutting a break in the woods between the parking lot and gate; clearing back more into the woods and eradicating a few more Locust trees; and moving the trailer over near gate so we would have a base to operate out of (but never had the manpower to clean it up to be usable). Johnny was able to get a greater flow on the water tank for the shower. We need to continue to fight the blankets of poison ivy and a work on a better causeway between parking and camping that channels water without flooding the shady glade.

Cole again built the effigy. This year he built a 18’ tall man which doubled as a scale by having a couple of platforms with a pulley system that worked for the first few days. Looking at the man from a distance he was a short chubby kid-like man – a nod to being the baby group of Midwest Burners? Perhaps. The effigy was the melding of the concepts of Chuck Hampton, Bob Rodak, and Cole Jensen. Cole and Johnny did most of the construction work. They even had time to build a bar nearby that people could chill or party in.

Summary highlighting Arts sponsored by the Association: We had three art cars this year, and three individuals received $617 in funding to bring their beautiful works to Kansas. Nina brought her car; and we funded her additional funds to create the Temple with a native Kansan’s silhouette  (a tribute to the first T.E.I.C. effigy). While in the past we’ve been able to do more, we are still doing more with less. The amount of grants funded by T.E.I.C. this year was roughly 2/3 of our beginning budget.

Happenings of Note:

Things were a bit tense this year at the admin level. One of our community members posted some comment on Facebook that was brought to the attention of the site owners. The site owners took the post as a threat and asked leadership to ban the individual from attending. After speaking with the site owners for a few hours to ensure them that the post wasn’t sincere, and that there wouldn’t be a problem if the member attended, they offered that a public apology from the individual would suffice to qualm their concerns. I spoke with the individual to relate the magnitude of the post and it’s possible consequence, and an apology was offered and accepted.

The next day we were contacted by Rangers from the Burning Man Project to alert us to a potential active shooter threat. After contacting MWB Board to let them know we were aware of the situation, leadership met to ensure everyone was informed them of the issue, and that it was real and credible. Weirdly enough, I had just read about active shooters on ( and both situations were discussed between all the leads Wednesday night. Neither situation impacted the event further.

The date of the exodus we had our first visit from LEO when a fellow didn’t report in to his work (he was having such an awesome time at T.E.I.C. that he just quit his job to burn forever!), and his mother decided to have the sheriff pay us a visit. We almost got away with it too, as she originally thought that the event was cancelled (Ha! Jeremy, good JOB ol’ man!), but by the time LEO arrived, he was safe back in mama’s arms.

On a happier note, one participant, Robert Koontz from KC, brought his foam machine and slide to his first Burn. People really enjoyed that, and he intends on coming to other regional Burns to share his equipment. Now that we know what to expect, next year we will be more prepared for him by better mowing a space for him. This year, a couple people suffered cuts from the terrain.

Ebola came out from Saint Louis and were major participants that made this year’s Burn. They were literally center (camp) stage, and brought the dominant sound camp.

No one died. Lots of people had fun! We may just cancel the event again next year!

Submitted by Sharky, President, Topeka Area Burners (Retired) 😛

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