This Event is Cancelled (the sixth one)

This Event is Cancelled (No. 6)
“There Oughta be a Law… oh, snap! There’s a Law for That!”
(…or something like that)
Wednesday, July 24 through Sunday, July 28
Higginbotham Quarry, Eskridge, KS

There are thousands of laws that govern us. The law of gravity keeps us grounded, while the Principles of Burning Man allow us to soar! What is the deciding point between what society deems shouldn’t be violated? Why do we need laws to protect against discrimination from one another? Are laws more than guidelines? Why do we enforce some laws more than others?  Sometimes we think, there oughta be a law! But then you find it’s illegal to drink wine from a teacup, and you’re like, “Oh, snap! There IS a law for that!”

This Event is in pre-planning. Come help! It’s all of our fun! Don’t let these bastards hog it all!

T.E.I.C. 2019 Leadership Team

Sheriff E.C. – Chuck                                                  Deputy E.C. – Piper

Gate- Brandon                                                          Gate Co-Lead – Open

Volunteer Coordinator – Gary

Placement Lead – Piper                                         Placement Co-Lead – Open

Lamp Lead – Julio                                                      Lamp Co-Lead – Brandon

Medic/Sanctuary Lead – David                            Medic Co-Lead – Open

F.A.S.T. Lead – Sharky                                              FAST Co-Lead – Open

Pre-Burn Lead – Sharon

Earth Guardian Lead – Eric                                    Co-EG Lead – Amy

Temple – Nina                                                           Co-Temple Lead – Zack

Infrastructure/Groundskeeper* – Johnny   Infrastructure/Groundskeeper Co-Lead – Cole

Effigy* – Cole                                                            Effigy Co-Lead – Johnny

Others? Anyone? Buhler?

Both Johnny and Cole have expressed they can continue these* positions but if someone else proves to be a better fit they are ok with the positions going to someone else.

T.E.I.C. Timeline

03/23 – Budget Due
– Kick-off / Tickets go on Sale / Art Grants Open
05/05 – Art Grants Close at midnight
06/01 – Art Raffle
07/06 – Final Budget Due
07/13 – Ticket Sales End
07/20 – Ticket Transfers End
07/24 – Noon – This Event is Cancelled
07/28 – Noon – Now go home!
08/03 – LNT is completed
08/28 – AfterBurn Report Due

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