At the end of September, it will be time to elect new leadership for Topeka Area Burners. Per our By-laws, there are three positions that are elected. President (incumbent John Hooker), Vice-President (incumbent Dorothy Jones), and Treasurer (incumbent, Charles Hampton). These three positions are deputy officers of Midwest Burners respective Board Members. To be an officer, you must be 18 years old, and a participant in the Topeka Area Burners Community (living close enough that you can attend to monthly events and meetings in the greater Topeka area). Additionally, you must have reliable transportation and access to the Internet for communication. You must also be acceptable to the Board of Midwest Burners. If you feel you meet this criteria, and are interested in serving in one of the Chapter Officer positions, please submit a letter to Topekaareaburners@gmail.com and let us know what position you’d like to give a go, any qualifications you’d like to promote, and your full contact information (Burner name, default name, street address, city, state, ZIP, phone and email). ANYONE, including incumbents, wishing to hold an elected office must submit a letter no later than September 9 to be considered. Voting will take place in person at the September meeting at Gage Park. Date TBD, but it will be one of the last two weekends in September.