About Us

Topeka Area Burners is a Chapter of Midwest Burners Association, a 501(c) (3) public charity organization dedicated to the local Burning Man Community. We’ve held five consecutive & successful annual burn-events, and last year elected our first community leadership. We continue to move toward making Topeka Area Burners more active in the social and artistic development of the Topeka and surrounding area.

Contact us at: Topekaareaburners@gmail.com

Or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/TopekaAreaBurners/

Mission Statement

Members of Topeka Area Burners (TAB) promote the Ten Principles of Burning Man in the North-East Kansas Region. Through enacting these Principles in our daily lives, we endeavor to lift the human spirit by addressing social issues through self-engagement and in the creation of art; and through personal engagement with each member of our community.


We accomplish this mission through these strategic means.

ARTS – Creativity in all forms

CIVIC INVOLVEMENT – A year-round Community with local consciousness

CULTURE – Inspired by sharing ideas/one-another’s diversity to understand and unify our local community

EDUCATION – Keeping the Community informed of events that affect us all, and how to engage ourselves to enhance the outcomes

PHILOSOPHICAL CENTER – Promote the Principles and ideals of the Burning Man culture as a basis for living

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE – Support all levels of the Community and enhance its growth


Three members of our Community elect a President, Vice President, and Treasurer to represent and carry out our interests. The elected officers appoint a Community Outreach Officer, an Arts Coordinator, and the Event Coordinator for, “This Event is Cancelled.” Each Officers hold appointment for a two-year term.

*President – Kris Magee – Chief Administrative Officer – Leads the strategic planning and management of the group. Champions the Principles. Authorizes expenditures as part of the Finance Committee.

*Vice President – Litty Titty (AJ Calvin) – Acts as Deputy Administrative Officer and manages Chapter activity; Is responsible for membership rolls & record keeping; Schedules and reports meetings/events.

*Treasurer –  Michael Black – Acts as Accountant for the Chapter and for T.E.I.C. Receipts and disburses funds; creates an operating budget annually; and is responsible for all TAB assets.

Community Outreach Officer –  Piper (DJ Jones) Liaison between the Community and local leaders to determine how TAB can have an impact for positive social growth in our community.

Arts Coordinator – Brieal Wilson,  Coordinates and connects artistic teachers and learners.

Contact TopekaAreaBurners@gmail.com to find out how you can help!