About Us

Topeka Area Burners is a social organization dedicated to the local Burning Man Community. We are NOT an official group of any sort, but we’re working on it. We’ve held four consecutive & successful annual burn-events, and this year both elected our first community leadership, and approached Midwest Burners regarding the possibility of affiliation with their Association. Regardless of our path to a not-for-profit status, we are moving to make Topeka Area Burners more active in the social and artistic development of the Topeka and surrounding area.

Contact us at: Topekaareaburners@gmail.com

Or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/TopekaAreaBurners/


Mission Statement

Members of Topeka Area Burners (TAB) promote the Ten Principles of Burning Man in the North-East Kansas Region. Through enacting these Principles in our daily lives, we endeavor to lift the human spirit by addressing social issues through self-engagement and in the creation of art; and through personal engagement with each member of our community.


We accomplish this mission through these strategic means.

ARTS – Creativity in all forms

CIVIC INVOLVEMENT – A year-round Community with local consciousness

CULTURE – Inspired by sharing ideas/one-another’s diversity to understand and unify our local community

EDUCATION – Keeping the Community informed of events that affect us all, and how to engage ourselves to enhance the outcomes

PHILOSOPHICAL CENTER – Promote the Principles and ideals of the Burning Man culture as a basis for living

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE – Support all levels of the Community and enhance its growth



Three members of our Community elect a President, Vice President, and Treasurer to represent and carry out our interests. The elected officers appoint a Community Outreach Officer, an Arts Coordinator, and the Event Coordinator for, “This Event is Cancelled.” Each Officers hold appointment for a two-year term.

*President – Sharky (John Hooker) – Chief Administrative Officer – Leads the strategic planning and management of the group. Champions the Principles. Authorizes expenditures as part of the Finance Committee.

*Vice President – Piper (D.J. Jones) – Acts as Deputy Administrative Officer and manages Chapter activity; Is responsible for membership rolls & record keeping; Schedules and reports meetings/events.

*Treasurer –  Chuck – (Charles Hampton) – Acts as Accountant for the Chapter and for T.E.I.C. Receipts and disburses funds; creates an operating budget annually; and is responsible for all TAB assets.

Community Outreach Officer –  OPEN POSITION – VOLUNTEER NOW! Liaison between the Community and local leaders to determine how TAB can have an impact for positive social growth in our community.

Arts Coordinator – Gnarly (Natalie) Coordinates and connects artistic teachers and learners.

T.E.I.C.  S.P.I.C. (Sober Person in Charge, a/k/a Event Coordinator) – Serves as Project Manager to ensure This Event is Cancelled, isn’t cancelled.

Contact TopekaAreaBurners@gmail.com to find out how you can help!