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In 2017 we brought the concept of “Theme,” and last year’s Burn set the theme for 2018 – This Event is Cancelled – “Survivor – in 3D”! It’s like the world’s COMING AT YOU, and envelops your being in time, space, and dimension! You ARE a SURVIVOR! You live to tell about it! What is YOUR story???

Ticket sales have ended for this year’s T.E.I.C. Burn.


This Event is Cancelled – a Topeka Area Burners Burning Man inspired event- can be found here:


This is also our Topeka Area Burner’s First Friday event for July! Johnny OG Scholes will be our featured artist, and will be helping you make the jewelry of your dreams (so come make the stuff)!

We are welcoming Flo Artists and Fire performers from around Kansas this night! White gas will be available, and all are welcome to come spin. We’ll

More info about Topeka Area Burners can be found here:


More information about Burning Man and other Burning Man inspired events can be found here:






The Terrance L. Yates Memorial Art Grant was founded in 2016 after the passing of our dear friend, and one of the founders of This Event Is Cancelled, Terrance L. Yates. For 2018’s Burn, the Topeka Area Burner’s Financial Committee is proud to award $1,200.00 to encourage artisans around the world to create artistic expressions!

Any member of the Burner Community may apply for a portion of this grant money. The art must be presented at This Event is Cancelled which is held outside Eskridge, Kansas the first Thursday through Saturday of August (2 – 4). Juried weight will be placed on how the piece will contribute to this year’s Burn theme – “Survivor! – in 3-D!”

Applications will be accepted through Saturday, May 5. A completed application will include the following.

– A Description of Project

– Drawings or Visuals that aid in the Description

– A Project Budget

– What the Art Grant funding will be used for

– A List of Burns you plan to take the project to

Applications will be juried by TAB Community Leaders and will be announced Sunday, May 6.

Submit your completed application or any questions to: TopekaAreaBurners@gmail.com


Ticket sales have ended for this year’s T.E.I.C. Burn.

If your guest(s) are arriving separately, or if you just don’t want to be responsible for their ticket anymore, you can transfer the ticket to them via http://burnertickets.com/ticket-transfers by clicking transfer and entering their email address.

Once they’ve set up an account on BurnerTickets.com, we’ll have their info, and they can accept the ticket. The ticket will then be removed from your account and fully in their possession. No take backs.

For all other BurnerTickets needs, see the FAQ page at https://burnertickets.com/faq/

 What do I Need?

Everything you need for 1-3 days of camping – Food, water, liquor, ice, pop tarts, friends, toys, shelter, all the fun things, yourself, etc. It’s summer in Kansas! I’ve personally seen the weather turn from a hot summer day to tornados, and then to sleet. Welcome to the fucking Mid-West bitches, where everything is made up, and the points don’t matter.

Sunscreen, Water Guns, Bug Spray – these are basically required items. Bring a First-Aid kit. We are a few miles from the nearest anything and who knows, that ¾” bandage-strip MAY save a life!

Inclement Weather

Buy the ticket. Take the ride. This ride may get you wet (In many ways). See the supplemental info on shitty weather for more details on what you’re getting into.

How to do it Right

Pack in and pack out (take home what you bring, leave no trace), respect everyone (property owners, other attendees, the Earth), express yourself, accept others, participate and immerse yourself in the event. For more, check out Burning Man’s 10 Principals, the guidelines for all regional burns (and not a terrible way to live life, if you so choose).


The land is located on a private low maintenance road off county roads. Under normal conditions, this road is passable by most vehicles, in the event of heavy rain, the road may take several hours to be passable by many cars and trucks (similar to gate road at Burning Man). Please plan accordingly.

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

T.E.I.C. is an all ages Burn event.

Sex and nudity are two separate things. You can be nude in public on site. If you are in public, lewd behavior is prohibited. Let’s keep it clean on the streets – keep that shit in the sheets!

The drugs that are legal in your state are not legal in Kansas. We’re lucky we have Sunday liquor sales in Kansas. They just passed another law to allow grocery stores to sell liquor. It’ll be another decade before they start to consider writing a bill that allows any sort of recreational drug use. Just say, “No!” kids.

The legal drinking age in Kansas is 21. If you are caught providing ANY intoxicants to, or you are someone under 21 who has been noticed intoxicated or in the act of drinking, you will be banned from future Topeka Area Burner events, and appropriate action will be taken on-site by the Event Coordinators include expulsion.  All attendees under 21 will be marked with a specific age-denoting wristband. If you under-age and are caught without your wristband, you and your parent or guardian(s) will be expelled from the event.

For Sound levels, a maximum power amplification of 300 watts is permitted, producing sound amplification not to exceed 90 decibels, when measured at 20 feet from the source. Quiet hours are between the time all the D.J.s pass out, and the first D.J. set of the morning.

Early Entry

We made Thursday no-hassle with no-early entry work day, so we wouldn’t have to deal with early entry passes, so just consider Thursday day one of your Burn and come out and lend a hand!

Only leads and E.C.s are allowed to be on site prior to noon Thursday however, so I guess there’s still that.

T.E.I.C. leads, E.C.s, and Admins (you know who you are), are granted full access to site as required by their official duties. With great power comes great responsibility.

Gate Hours      


Volunteer and Like Camping in the HOT Set-up       Noon – Midnight

Friday – Scheduled Chaos                                                8:00 AM – Midnight

Saturday – Burn Day                                                          8:00 AM –  6:00 PM

Sunday – Exodus                                                                 Site Closes at Noon

Note: There is NO-RE-ENTRY! Ever. For any Burn. I don’t know how you don’t know this yet.

The Gators will want to see your valid, current, government-issued ID card, as well as your ticket. You may present the latter in electronic form. Regardless you will be required to sign a waiver, or as our attorneys put it, an informed consent to participate. If you have these things when you approach the gate, the Gators will make your life so much easier. Sign a waiver, get a wristband!

Earth Stuff

Leave No Trace – Post No Flyers

This, again like every Burn, is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. You brought it here. You take it from here. There are no trash cans (but we do have an Earth Guardian station if you want to bring us your cans).

So, OK, you can leave some trace, but put it where it goes, and take your leavings with you. We don’t want to be picking up tubs of raw chicken on Sunday. We’ve been here weeks getting this site ready for you! Yes, YOU! So, please help us and the planet out by taking your waste with you.


We’re starting to grow and we need to start planning our growth. Part of that growth is to make the event a pleasant experience for camping. If you brought a trailer to camp in, that’s cool. We have a special place for you. If you’re camping in your car, that’s cool, we have a special place for you – A lovely vista overlooking Higginbotham Quarry. Please move all vehicles to the parking lot within a couple hours of setting your camp up. That doesn’t mean parking your car and pitching a tent in front of it. Your big ass car port isn’t a car port… well, not here at least.

 Fire Stuff


We have the biggest effigy. I mean, look at the other effigies. Look at Interfuse. Look at Reso. I mean, sure they have people to build these things for them, but nobody builds a better effigy than we do, and we do it cheaper! Do you know how? We’re going to get Interfuse to pay for it!

On Saturday morning around 10:00 AM, the letters will be stacked vertically. The Effigy will be off limits beginning at 3:00 PM as it is prepared for ignition. The Effigy burns at 10:00 PM.

Your Fires

If you want to have a fire at our event, review these guidelines first, then build your pit. Sign up at Gate for a fire pit inspection.

*All fire pits must be inspected by the Fire Arts Safety Team member before they are used.

*All fire pits must be a minimum of 10 feet from all tents or shade flies.

*Do not dig fire pits in roadways or walkways.

*No open bowl type torches and no ground torches that are not secured in place. (For example, tiki torches should be put securely into the ground or a portable hole so that they cannot be easily knocked over.)

*Tiki’s must be a minimum of one-and-a-half lengths of the tiki, away from any structure.

*You may gather deadfall material from the woods to use as firewood.

*If a camp has a fire pit of any sort, a fire extinguisher (Class AB minimum) must be present.

*You must fill in your fire pits prior to leaving the Burn. Please stamp down the ashes and replace the soil.

*Don’t use your fire pit to bury your trash.

*Please be careful with all open flames.

*Fires in grills, hibachis, and the like are permitted if ash and coals are disposed of in a responsible manner.

NO FIRE SHOWS OUTSIDE THE PRE-BURN WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL – IN WRITING – FROM THE F.A.S.T., E.C. Fire shows include, but are not limited to, fire walking, fire breathing, explosives, pyrotechnics and fire poi. No approval from the E.C. – No Fuego.

 Water Stuff


There is a water truck near the new shower with potable (drinking) water. It will be refilled daily.

Ice Ice Baby

We have ice for sale. Ice will be available at Gate during Gate hours (generally 8:00 AM to midnight) at the cost of $2.00 per 6# bag. Give your money to the Gate lead and take your ice home. The Italians once traveled over 1,000 miles for ice. Quit yer bitchin’!


We rented porta-toilets, so you can poop and pee in the style that is a hot plastic box in the middle of the prairie. Remember kids, shut the lid, and only bodily fluids and single-ply toilet paper (provided) go in the toilet. There are four toilets provided this year. Three are on the edge of the main camp tree-line to the south. The other is across the road from the shower. The toilets will be illuminated and resupplied regularly in the evenings.

Air Stuff

Danger (there’s Danger in the Air!)

Fear is never boring, and if nothing else, we don’t want you to be bored. We don’t have to package “Devil Grass,” and this ain’t Australia, mate. Not everything is out to get you, but here are a few native unpleasantries to ward off. If you have a close encounter of the third kind with anything on this list, please seek immediate attention of our volunteer medics or at the Gate or the Topeka Area Burner’s Camp.

Animals – Possums, Raccoons, Badgers, Bob Cats, Coyotes, Groundhogs, Badgers, Skunks

Earth (the Earth is tricky, and this IS a quarry) – holes, piles of dirt, rocks, drop-offs, cut stalks or trunks

Insects – Mosquitoes, Ticks, Chiggers, Scorpions, Hornets, bees, wasps, horseflies,

Plants – Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac, Poison Oak, Cactus’, Stinging Nettles

Spiders – Brown Recluse Spiders, Black Widow Spiders

Snakes – Timber Rattlesnakes, Copperheads, Massasauga Rattlesnakes

Weather – Tornados, Lightening, Rain (flooding, now with added hyperthermia), oh, and the SUN! Dehydration is a BIG FUCKING DEAL! – Dehydration, Sunburn, and heat related illness are all some serious shit! DRINK WATER! More than you think you need. The general guideline is to pee clear. Avoid prolong exposure to the sun. Slather your skin with at least SPF 15 – 30 sun block.

 T.E.I.C. Ride share – 2018

Can’t get there from here? Maybe one of your friends has space?



And since you’re here, we’d like to offer you an employment opportunity. We’ve gone to great lengths to provide this casual environment to you, in order that you can express yourself openly and freely (as determined by Kansas Statute), so the least you can do is give us a hand, right? All volunteer sign-ups are through sign-up.com on this page. Click the position and select your shift!


We’d like you to help us, help yourselves by volunteering for one of these highly lucrative temporary positions in one of the following fields.

Gator – You like meeting people? You like meeting everyone? You wanna feel like a real cop and legitimately say, “Can I have your driver’s license and event registration?” Have we got a job for you. On the job training provided. I’m sure there’s liquor involved somewhere too.

First Aid Specialist – You know something about taking care of boo-boos more than just slapping a Band-Aid on it? Sign up for an “on-call” position with our first-aid team. The shifts are long, but hopefully you never even notice you’re on duty.

Earth Guardians – We all take this position when we enter the Community. Some of us need some help though. Earth Guardians here are known as Storm Moopers!

 Infrastructure –  Maybe you like working with nature herself. Maybe you like hauling stuff in the back of that nice pick-up you brought. Have you ever wanted to BE the construction worker from the Village People (whoever they are)? Maybe you just want to leave your desk and get dirt under your fingernails. Fuck, if you want to work, we’ll put you to work! In order to get in the gate on Thursday, you need to be signed up on this list on, um, Thursday!

Fire Performers – As if a 25’ tall pile of wood, paper and explosives isn’t enough. Be part of the performance. The performance of FIRE ARTS! Bring it! Spin it! Be it!

Fire Art Safety Team (F.A.S.T.) – Wannabe a safety officer and keep those kids in line? Join the F.A.S.T.!

Rangers – Volunteer Rangers with more experience are welcome to take a shift with a S.P.I.C. Sign up at Gate.

All volunteer sign-ups are through sign-up.com on this page. Click the position and select your shift!


Sober Person in Charge (S.P.I.C.) –Our S.P.I.C. (Sober Persons in Charge) are the ones wearing the adult hat for a time being so the rest of us can focus on the community and the arts. S.P.I.C.s Are our leads, E.C.s and your hosts. Any S.P.I.C. will be happy to help you at any time with your T.E.I.C. burning needs.