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This Event                            Saturday, Noon, Nov. 10

Well, we tried. We lost our site at the last minute due to the weather conditions on the mud road.

If you’re coming to This Event, stop by Sharky’s after 3:00 PM for a Community gathering. Bring your own and we’ll have that pot luck and can sing karaoke too!

Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but This Event, is cancelled.

-Sharky 11/9 @ 9:42 PM





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The Terrance L. Yates Memorial Art Grant was founded in 2016 after the passing of our dear friend, and one of the founders of This Event Is Cancelled, Terrance L. Yates. For 2018’s Burn, the Topeka Area Burner’s Financial Committee is proud to award $1,200.00 to encourage artisans around the world to create artistic expressions!

Any member of the Burner Community may apply for a portion of this grant money. The art must be presented at This Event is Cancelled which is held outside Eskridge, Kansas the first Thursday through Saturday of August (2 – 4). Juried weight will be placed on how the piece will contribute to this year’s Burn theme – “Survivor! – in 3-D!”

Applications will be accepted through Saturday, May 5. A completed application will include the following.

– A Description of Project

– Drawings or Visuals that aid in the Description

– A Project Budget

– What the Art Grant funding will be used for

– A List of Burns you plan to take the project to

Applications will be juried by TAB Community Leaders and will be announced three months prior to T.E.I.C.

Submit your completed application or any questions to: TopekaAreaBurners@gmail.com