Art Grants

Terrance L. Yates Memorial Art Grant

The Terrance L. Yates Memorial Art Grant was started in 2016 after the passing of our dear friend, and one of the founders of This Event Is Cancelled, Terrance L. Yates. We take (approximately) half the profit from the previous year’s event and dedicate it to funding artistic endeavors for the coming year. Entrants are called for in March and are judged by Topeka Area Burners Art Grant Committee (who are the E.C.s/leads for the upcoming T.A.B. Burn). Each committee member awards a percentage of the available funds to each entrant based on how they believe the piece contributes to the theme of our upcoming Burn. The percents are averaged and awarded the first part of April. Committee members who are also applicants are forbidden from awarding their entry any money. Entrants are requested to bring their art to T.E.I.C., as well as any other (Midwest) Burns they can in the upcoming year.

Terrance L. Yates Memorial Art Grant Submissions for T.E.I.C. 2018 will be announced at the T.E.I.C. Kick-off, Saturday April 7 at the Legendary Boobie Trap in Topeka. Be there! Aloha!