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These are the notes from the Community / Council meetings of Topeka Area Burners. The notes are edited and presented by the Prez & VP of the Council. Financials are presented, unaudited, by the Moneybagz. Reports are in order with the most recent on top. We welcome your comments and encourage your participation in our shenanigans! Come to the next gathering and join in!

March 15th 2020
Leadership: Kris, Brieal, DJ, Matt, AJ, Mike, Colten, John
Community: Sara, Rachael, William, Tambour
● Proposed theme name Royalty of Antiquity – All agree
● Art Grants
o Opened 03/04
o No art grants submitted at time of meeting.
o Art Grant Committee has been assembled by Brieal.
o Art grants will close 05/04.
o Art grant info can be found here:

● Land prep
o Before the end of March members of leadership will be visiting the
site to start planning site prep.
o Ideas were discussed about how to tackle the poison ivy including
spraying, pulling, and tilling. This will be further discussed when
visiting site.
o Land prep will be planned for at least once a month, and more often
closer to event.
o On top of volunteers to help with land prep we will be needing yard
equipment/tools like tree & hedge clippers, chainsaws, lawnmowers,
brush hogs, shovels, etc. If you have any of these things or any other
equipment that might be useful please let our grounds keeper John
Hooker know at
o Be on the lookout for postings/events for our land prep.
● Kick off party
o Tambour is kick off party organizer
o Location is The Boobie Trap bar on May 2 nd
o Brieal will also be organizing an art auction to be held at the kick off
o More info TBA
● Kris, AJ, & Mike discussed getting together before the end of the month to
count Inventory.
● Mike is still in talks with MWB about setting up TAB bank account.
● AJ is still researching ideas for event insurance
● Matt has been making updates to the website at

● Brieal proposed a new volunteer position, Education, that will be stationed
before gate.
● Ideas for swag was discussed, ideas consisted of patches, DIY crowns, and
● TAB logo design change
o Ideas proposed
▪ Brieals sunflower logo (as appearing on the guitar prize from
our 2 nd fundraiser)
▪ Community submissions
o This discussion has been tabled.
● Fundraisers
o TAB has had 2 recent fundraisers
o Januarys card game fundraiser raised $266 final total
o March’s video game tournament raised $153
o More fundraisers will be discussed and announced soon.
● Leads
o All lead positions at the end of the meeting were filled.

Groundskeeper John Hooker
Volunteer Coordinator Brieal Wilson
Placement AJ Calvin
Infrastructure Michael Black
Co-Lead Colten Conner
Gate Matt Cortez
Co-Lead Sara Reynolds
Education Brieal Wilson
Email TBA
Game Warden Gary Bingham
Email TBA

Earth Guardian Sarah Louise
Lamp Lighters DJ Jones
Medic David Bronson
F.A.S.T. John Hooker
Co-Lead Kris Magee
Effigy Cole Jensen
Temple Nina Halltheusen

TEIC ’20 Royalty of Antiquity Leadership
EC Kris Magee

January 19th 2020

8:30 @ The Spot

Community Meeting/Fundraiser

  • TEIC dates decided July 24th-26th with 23rd as set up
  • Effigy model was presented by Cole
  • New TAB council introductions to community
  • Poker fundraiser raised $246, possible more to be counted.
  • February fundraiser will be a video game tournament.