Topeka Burners Update!

February 23, 2019

It’s official. We’ve sold out.

Topeka Area Burners has been accepted by Midwest Burners Association as a Chapter of the Association! We are now part of something much bigger. This is an exciting step for us. We are forging a new step for the Regional Association, and bringing Kansas back into the region as the first Kansas Burn of Midwest Burners since the inception of the Association 15 years ago.

Exciting times ahead!

See the official announcement here on Midwest Burners Website.


Announcement: This Event is Cancelled (TEIC) newest regional burn under the MWB umbrella!

Meeting of the Council and the Community of Topeka Area Burners

February, 23, 2019

Council Members:          John, DJ, Chuck and Brandon sitting for Natalie

Community Members:                 Bob, Julio, Nic, Sara and Brianne

On Conference:                             Dave, Nina, Gary

Officers Report

Treasurer – no change in financials since 12/31

Arts – TAB Artisans attended a First Friday discussion at Brandon’s on February 20. About a dozen Community members attended. The group discussed having a planning meeting on the weekends before First Fridays, and that the first First Friday would be April 5.

Brandon and the Community confirmed that the First Friday meeting will be on Saturday March 30. DJ will post an event on FB.

T.E.I.C. Kick-off will be on Saturday, March 23 at Boobie Trap. At that time Arts Grants will be announced, and tickets will go on sale. Brandon and Natalie will coordinate this event.

Bob Rodak came up to introduce himself and invite the Topeka Community to Wintertide. He would like to see the folks from T.E.I.C. and Wintertide form a collaborative effort so that each group helps each other’s event. The Topeka Community welcomed him and are thankful for his invitation. As it is the nature  of Burners to reach out and give assistance to one another, It is our intent to gather for the winter gathering at Wintertide, and to offer what assistance we may for that event.  Bob extended his aid and assistance for T.E.I.C.

Regarding T.E.I.C. , we still need volunteers. DJ is taking the position as Placement Lead, with Gary’s assistance as co-lead. Sharon will take Pre-Burn lead. Julio and Brandon will take the Lamplighter Lead and co-lead positions.

Dave suggested having a corn feed, and John spoke with Vickie about planting corn on site for the feed. We are good to do this. We should plant corn, no later than mid-May to harvest fresh corn at the end of July.

We tailored the event name to simply, “There’s a Law for that!”

Tickets will go on sale March 23 and cash tickets only will be available at the Kick-off. On-line tickets will be available following the kick-off at 2:00am March 24.  Ticket sales are limited to 250.

Site layout was discussed. We would like to see if the NE corner of the upper field, where temple was in 2018, can be cleared for camping. The effigy in the lower field takes a portion out of the camping area due to the footprint the fire leaves during any sort of wind. To avoid this and still have the effigy in the southern field, clearing the NE area of the field and setting parking more along the fence line and toward the quarry road. We think that this will allow more camping along the southern edge of the tree line in that field as well. We want to continue to make an effort to cut into both sides of that treeline for additional shade.

There was a question as whether to regulate parking or not. We want to train people where to park, in planning for future growth.

John indicated that he would be planning site work weekends as weather and his schedule permitted. He will alert the Community when he has plans to go out to site.

Bob said he may have a brushog we can borrow, but no way to transport it. Lee’s trailer is not big enough. He also says he has a back-hoe and tractor if needed.

Piper as E.C. stated that we need to tie down generators before the event and confirm that we have genes dedicated to certain areas. Gate, Effigy, Temple and TAB Dome would all require one. Bob says he has one (more ?) we can use. Cole said he could secure as many as we needed last year. Double-check with him as well.

Nina reported the Temple design to be a hexagonal tee-pee no bigger than last year’s Temple.

We discussed the effigy. Bob suggested that the Scales of Justice might be appropriate. Cole like it.

Next meeting will be Friday, March 22 at Brandon’s at 8:00pm

# # #

Topeka Area Burners Monthly Meeting
January 26, 2019
Shawnee County and Topeka Public Library
2:00 PM


Committee members: John, DJ, Chuck
Community members: Rachel, Julio, Lee, Nic, Brandon, William
Conference call: Bob, Mark, David

Meeting Notes

Finances – No changes to financials since last meeting.

Ice Freezer – The ice freezer we used for T.E.I.C. is currently malfunctioning. While this may or may not be an issue at T.E.I.C, that is its current state.

Affiliation with Midwest Burners – Our request to join Midwest Burners is still pending at the Board level while the Board completes an internal administrative review. We are encouraged, if we would like to cut some time of a possible vetting-type process, to “show us what you got.” The Board has requested that we review their operating and governing documents, including the Burning Man Regional Event Agreement, and to show that we are willing to adhere to the Association’s rules and policy. This would require us to follow their Budgetary policy, and to submit reports and financial statements to them as required.

Affiliating with the Association will grant us status as a chapter under Midwest Burner’s 501(c)(3) status, which will open the doors to our community involvement. Becoming an Authorized Regional will give us further recognition that we can all be proud of! All of this and YOU will grow and strengthen how we want to portray Topeka Area Burners as we become part of a bigger Community!

Within our Burning Community, we gain the use of the Principle’s Office and many regional development opportunities as a group and as individuals.

For the Burn we would need to adhere to both Midwest Burners and Burning Man stipulations. We will need to enforce certain provisions of safety and security in such ways as prohibiting the use of fireworks; directly connecting with city/county authorities to alert them of the event to ensure a more rapid response; secure the gate during non-gate hours; and other such safety measures Complete event rules can be found at

John will be meeting with Shaun (Wichita Burners) and Bob (Wintertide) to discuss regional development between the groups on February 23.

 Arts Coordinator – Brandon has been nominated by Natalie to take position of Art Coordinator after her term is up, majority vote agreed, he will be assisting Natalie moving forward this year with the Art Coordinator position.

Natalie has a group of people who want to participate in First Fridays, DJ will review with her to see when group will be ready. ETA May.

Community Outreach Officer – We still need a Community Outreach Officer. This is a Board level Officer appointed by the elected Board. Duties are to research local needs that Topeka Area Burners can have a positive input towards (in our own Burner way, of course!). AppliCANs (see what I did there!) can apply by submitting a letter of interest to

Monthly Meet & Greets – Coffee with Sharky on Sundays will be replaced with quarterly Pot Lucks. The first Quarterly Meet and Greet and Potluck will be at Sharky’s, 1197 SW MacVicar, Topeka, 66606 on Saturday, February 23 at 6:00 PM.

Site Update – Site owners would still welcome us back in 2019 if we want to have the Burn there. John indicated we probably would 😉

The owners say they will move the trailer that was on the north side of the camping field over near the gate so we can clean it up and use it for storage and for Gate to use. We’ll still need an awning and the camper will need its own clean-up team!

Work Weekends – It was discussed to have work weekends organized and more of them throughout the year. It was decided that Community leaders would work to schedule them as possible, as weather permits. Expect July to be full of them!

Site work that needs done this year will focus on continued clean-up and clean-out of the Shady Glade, and expanding the clearing west a bit (to open up the cut-through for driving).  Johnny and Cole are planning on doing some work to the shower and shower structure. We will want to ensure that there is drainage in this area, and we may need to channel a canal to the primary drainage ditch or away from the Immenschuh Rock Stage. We’re also considering methods for sheltering the Rock Stage area.

Next Meeting 3:00 PM at Sharky’s before the M&G.

Oh, yeah…

The Burn… I think we’ll do it!

This Event is Cancelled (No. 6)
“There Oughta be a Law… oh, snap! There’s a Law for That!”
(…or something like that)
Wednesday, July 24 through Sunday, July 28
Higginbotham Quarry, Eskridge, KS

There are thousands of laws that govern us. The law of gravity keeps us grounded, while the Principles of Burning Man allow us to soar! What is the deciding point between what society deems shouldn’t be violated? Why do we need laws to protect against discrimination from one another? Are laws more than guidelines? Why do we enforce some laws more than others?  Sometimes we think, there oughta be a law! But then you find it’s illegal to drink wine from a teacup, and you’re like, “Oh, snap! There IS a law for that!”

T.E.I.C. 2019 Leadership Team

Sheriff E.C. – Chuck                                                  Deputy E.C. – DJ

Gate- Brandon                                                          Gate Co-Lead – Open

Volunteer Coordinator – Gary

Placement Lead – Open                                         Placement Co-Lead – Open

Lamp Lead – Julio                                                      Lamp Co-Lead – Brandon

Medic/Sanctuary Lead – David                            Medic Co-Lead – Open

F.A.S.T. Lead – John                                                 FAST Co-Lead – Open

Pre-Burn Lead – Open

Earth Guardian Lead – Eric                                    Co-EG Lead – Amy

Temple – Nina                                                           Co-Temple Lead – Zack

Infrastructure/Groundskeeper* – Johnny   Infrastructure/Groundskeeper Co-Lead – Cole

Effigy* – Cole                                                            Effigy Co-Lead – Johnny

Others? Anyone? Buhler?

Both Johnny and Cole have expressed they can continue these* positions but if someone else proves to be a better fit they are ok with the positions going to someone else.

T.E.I.C. Timeline

03/23 – Budget Due
04/06 – Kick-off / Tickets go on Sale / Art Grants Open
05/05 – Art Grants Close at midnight
06/01 – Art Raffle
07/06 – Final Budget Due
07/13 – Ticket Sales End
07/20 – Ticket Transfers End
07/24 – Noon – This Event is Cancelled
07/28 – Noon – Now go home!
08/03 – LNT is completed
08/28 – AfterBurn Report Due